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Our ten month old Cockerhad developed some really annoying habits and we had no idea how to redirect his behavior. Well Gary KNOWS what he is doing! By the end of two hours our dog no longer jumps or nips at me. Our walks outdoors are now pleasurable! We are no longer pulled by a crazy, strong dog. Thank you Gary!

F. Guilfoil

Good morning! Ruby has made real progress. I had lunch with my family and was gone for three hours. No howling before I left, no howling or barking when I returned! She still becomes slightly anxious when I open the door to leave but… she is making real progress. Thank you so much for your help and priceless guidance!

Cindy V. St Louis

Finn is making great strides in his training! We now have people commenting on how well trained and how well behaved a dog he is! Woo hoo! Thank you Gary for helping this “vicious dog”.

Julie R., Sunset Hills

Luna and I just rode in the elevator with four strangers carrying furniture and she behaved beautifully! This was the scariest of scenarios and she was able to keep it together! I am so proud of her and hopeful that with time she can continue to improve.
Thanks to you I am beginning to allow her into my heart again without fearing that things won’t work out. You are gifted! I just can’t thank you enough. We will stay in touch as I expect we will have some bumps along the way, but it is a comfort to know you are there.

Best, J.K., Central West End

Gary, I want to thank you again for your incredibly thoughtful and insightful conversation with us about our special needs dog Mollie. The change has been dramatic! Mollie has made great strides, and acts far less aggressive towards Henry. She now sleeps by his chair and wags her tail when she approaches him. No more growling. The atmosphere in our home has changed for the better-more peaceful, more quiet. I am, no longer feeling anxious. So, we are resting more easily now because of our greater understanding of what our dogs needs are and how we can help her feel more relaxed. Many many thanks Gary. You not only saved Mollie’s life, you save ours as well. We were really on the brink…not knowing how to proceed.

Very best wishes, Patti, Henry and Mollie

Just wanted to give you an update on Zoey, the crazy German Shepherd that you trained a few months ago. She has totally stopped biting and nipping!!! My daughter and Zoey are now best buds. Her turn around is simply amazing. She has become the German Shepherd that I always wanted. She seems to like everyone now. Even my once skeptical husband can’t believe it! All of this happened because you showed us how to socialize and train her. I just wanted to write you and let you know how well she is doing, it is truly wonderful. Thank you so much for all you did for her !!!

Debbie D., Festus, Mo.

Little Scooter the elusive rescue dog that ran the lake for two years is quite the ham now. Thank you so much for showing us how to work with this very scared little guy.Thanks to you he has become a much loved member of the family.

Cindy D. Terre Du Lac, Mo.

Thank you for all the time you spent helping me to be a better Dog Mom for Duke. He appreciates it too! Your kindness and wisdom shared has changed both of our lives. Things aren’t as “RUFF” as they used to be. We appreciate the special person you are.

Doris and Duke

Our dog Kara had bitten people on several occasions. When Kara was placed in a mandatory in house quarantine by the local animal control, we knew we needed to get help. We were very afraid that she would really hurt someone as she is quite large, over 90 pounds. Gary spent a lot of time with us on the phone, calmed us down and told us there was hope! After working with us on three 2 hour visits, Kara was no longer charging and biting our house guests. Gary absolutely saved Kara’s life, for that we are grateful beyond words.

Sarah and Steven Togman

I first met Gary when our shelter had a dog with serious aggression issues. I gave him a call, not really thinking he could help but wanted to give our dog every chance to succeed. Gary came to the shelter and within a month had our dogs behavior completely turned around. Sometime later we invited Gary to work with our dogs on a regular basis. The difference in the dogs was truly amazing! As Gary worked with our more “behaviorally challenged dogs he made helpful suggestions to our staff and showed us how to not only exercise our dogs legs but also their minds.” Hiring Gary as our Behavior Consultant and trainer was one of the best things Open Door Animal Sanctuary has ever done for our dogs! We highly recommend him to everyone that calls us with complaints about their dogs’ behavior. We truly feel he is The Dog Whisperer.

Tracie Quackenbush, Executive Director – Open Door Animal Sanctuary

Thanks to Gary, my dog Bo lets me take him for walks and no longer jumps on me or tries to climb all over me.
Since I have cerebral palsy it is important to me that he respect my personal space and obey me so I don’t have to worry about being hurt. Thanks Gary!

Thank you, thank you for showing us how to house break our dog! You are a genius! Folks, if you have a dog you think is hopeless, give Gary a call… we did and are eternally grateful (as is our dog!) Two paws up!

Dan H.

Gary is St. Louis’s original Dog Whisperer!

Sarah Newman, St. Louis Post Dispatch

When Gary helped us with our German Shepherd, Baron, he laughed and told us “he was a dog trapped in a man’s body.” I think he’s right! That can be the only explanation for his intuitive knowledge of the canine mind.

Dr. Loren B.

Gary, I want to commend you on the great work you are doing in St. Louis. Your gentle and intelligent approach in training dogs and solving behavior problems is wonderful. I wish you continued success.

R.K. Anderson DVM, DACVB

All of our dogs continue to improve based on your instructions. Our “hyper” girl has become much calmer. The youngest continues to improve with daily short obedience lessons. The third dog is just begging to live in a calmer atmosphere. Thank you so much for your good advice!

J. Ottomeyer, House Springs

I was at the end of my rope with my dog. Accidents in the house were bad enough, but biting my sons was intolerable. My dog had been through obedience training, but the standard solutions weren’t working to our unique living situation.
Gary came right to my home and listened to what was going on with us. With only one visit, my dog is a perfectly housebroken, well behaved dog. I still can’t believe it! Gary was able to explain to me exactly why he was behaving the way that he was.
This was the best money I’ve ever spent. Thanks!

Dawn Jones, Wildwood

It was very nice to finally get to meet you and I truly enjoyed watching you in action with Ginger. When you told me you would get her to walk nicely on a leash within ten minutes, I shook my head and thought “no way,” and then six minutes later I shook my head again and said “Oh my God, I don’t believe it!” Words simply cannot express my gratitude. My sincerest thankfulness that there are people on this earth who truly love God’s four legged critters and try to speak to them and listen to them when they need to be heard. May God bless you so you can continue your unselfish deeds for many years to come. It’s truly an honor to know you.

Pat Flanter, St. Louis

Gary paid a visit today and showed me some easy fixes for a few of my mistakes that I have made with my dear Lily Dog.
He is a great resource for anyone with concerns or problems with their dogs. He is extremely good at not making you feel like an idiot!


Gary really helped us with our dogs Separation Anxiety. He is very knowledgeable and following his advise, Sugar can now be left alone for six hours without destroying our house.
His consultation fee was very reasonable. We recommend Gary to anyone who is looking for help with their dogs.

Judy Hunter, Webster Groves