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Dog Behavioral Consultations

photo(1) We all love our dogs dearly, but let’s face it, some dogs can be a real handful! Usually by the time someone calls me they are at their wits end. “I’ve tried everything Gary, and nothing seems to work,” is what I frequently hear. To compound the problem, my clients are trying to balance job(s), family, and school while they are trying to fix their dogs challenging behavior.

Here’s where I come in. For the past forty years, I have been successfully helping busy, stressed out people with their dogs’ behavioral issues.

A typical consultation begins with my asking questions about your dog. Once I have gathered the information I need, and have observed your dog in his own surroundings, I can explain to you why your dog behaves the way he does and show you how to change his behavior.

Behavior consultations last from one to three hours. When we have concluded the consultation, you will have a program designed specifically for your dogs’ behavioral needs.
On occasion a follow up session may be of benefit. Phone support is always available at no additional cost. “Emergency” evening and Sunday appointments can be scheduled at an additional fee.

  • Behaviorial consulting
  • Aggression towards humans or animals
  • For appointments concerning aggression: please make sure your dog is vaccinated for rabies before arrival
Payment Options

Gary accepts Cash, Check, Credit Cards, PayPal and Venmo.

The Fine Print applies to all consultations offered by Gary Abelov, Dog Behavior Specialist.

  • Cancellations for Behavior Consultations must be made at least 48 hours in in advance of scheduled time.
  • There will be no refunds made for Behavior Consultations. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • There is a thirty dollar returned check fee.
  • Payment options are: Cash, Check, Credit Cards, PayPal and Venmo.